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Whether you’re celebrating your birthday, selling lemonade, or honoring a loved one, it takes only minutes to start your own fundraising page to raise funds to FAST-TRACK URGENT RESEARCH to find a cure for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS) and related multisystem chronic, complex diseases.

Donate your birthday (or other special occasions) to OMF!

Come celebrate your birthday (or any special occasion) with OMF by inviting others to make a donation in your honor. We encourage you to set an ambitious fundraising goal and invite your friends and family to support you.

You can use this link to set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook in as little as 60 seconds: 

Make sure to let your followers know that “Facebook will cover all processing fees so 100% of the donated funds go to OMF — it’s an easy and effective way to support groundbreaking ME / CFS research.”

To kick off your fundraiser, head to our Instagram profile (@openmedf) and just click the “support” button. It’s that easy.
Instagram fundraisers are an awesome way to support our mission. They take less than 60 seconds to create, and Meta covers ALL processing fees. So 100% of your donation goes directly to OMF!

Click here to kick off your Crowdchange fundraiser! 

CrowdChange fundraising pages are easy to set up and a fun way to share your passion and commitment to OMF with your community.

You can set up a CrowdChange page from anywhere in the world — you don’t have to be within the US. Follow our step-by-step CrowdChange instructions to help create your page.

Make sure you let your followers know that “All donations made through CrowdChange will go directly to OMF. We’ll thank your supporters and send them a receipt acknowledging their tax-deductible donation. CrowdChange has generously donated the use of their platform to OMF in support of our research program and does not charge OMF any administrative fees.

Be sure to share your birthdate with us so we can post a feature on our blog & social media pages! We will also make sure to strategically promote your birthday fundraiser throughout your birthday month.

OMF's Yearly Fundraising Campaigns

How you can help us build momentum:

Create a Facebook fundraiser for OMF starting May 1 and ending May 31. (You can set the goal for whichever amount you chose.) Use our social and email templates below to set up your fundraiser in no time!  Here are some simple steps to help you make sure your fundraiser gets the most possible donations. Click here to launch.

Donate to your campaign and invite your friends and family to join you! Click the “invite” button on your fundraiser to invite your Facebook friends directly.

Help us circulate our news and updates by sharing, re-posting, and re-tweeting our #MayMomentum posts on your personal social media platforms. Use our social media toolkit.” 

Record a short video about why you support OMF

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MayMomentum on all your posts!


#TripleGivingNovember is an exciting opportunity to triple your impact on groundbreaking biomedical research into ME / CFS and related multisystem chronic, complex related diseases.

Every donation made to OMF any day of November will be triple matched.

Regardless of how you donate, when you donate, or where you donate, your gift will be triple matched, every day of the week!

How can YOU help?

Spread the word about OMF’s mission and #TripleTuesdayOMF. Simply download our email template or social media templates and share them with family and friends!

Use our #TripleTuesdayOMF social media toolkit which provides sample posts and images to let your followers know about #TripleTuesdayOMF and why you support our mission to #EndMECFS. Tag @Open Medicine Foundation on Facebook and @OpenMedF on Twitter and Instagram when you post.

Post stories on Instagram about why you support OMF. Don’t forget to use the ‘donation sticker’ feature to select OMF as the organization you would like to support!

Add a ‘donate button’ to your Facebook posts about #TripleTuesdayOMF

You can create a Crowdchange fundraiser or set up a Facebook Fundraiser and ask your followers to donate there. Let your followers know that the triple match will apply to every donation received! Use our step-by-step instructions for how to set up your Crowdchange or Facebook fundraiser.  Here are some simple steps to help you make sure your fundraiser gets the most possible donations.

Be sure to thank your donors when they give to your Facebook or Crowdchange campaign! You can simply copy and paste this text:

Thank you for your gift to OMF! Your donation has been tripled! Through your donation, OMF is able to accelerate research into ME/CFS and continue working towards the goal of ending this disease.


Are you a Twitch streamer? If so, you can use your live stream as a powerful platform to raise money for research! OMF is excited to share that we are now a registered charity on Streamlabs Charity!

how to get started

Streamlabs Charity is a new platform that simplifies the process of live streaming for a charity via Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook. Streamlabs Charity also has no service fees, so 100 percent of your donations go directly to OMF!
How to start your first live stream fundraiser for OMF on Twitch, using Streamlabs Charity:
  1. Follow this link
  2. Create your account with Streamlabs Charity. (You can also sign up with your Facebook, Twitch, or Youtube account.)
  3. Next, customize your fundraiser campaign for OMF: Here you can write a description, set your fundraising dates, and donation goal amount
  4. Once your campaign is published, you can now set up stream alerts for your charity donations. You can also get a donation goal bar as a stream overlay that shows the progress you’ve made towards your fundraising goal!
For more information, you can watch this easy step-by-step video tutorial on how to start a charity live stream using Streamlabs. Thank you for all the creative ways in which you help us to advance our mission to end ME/CFS and related multisystem chronic, complex diseases.


Simply copy and paste this email template into the body of an email, fill in what campaign you’re raising money for and why, and send to your friends and family!

SUBJECT LINE: Please help me support Open Medicine Foundation


I hope this email finds you well! I’m reaching out to you today to ask for your help in supporting a cause that is close to my heart. 

Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding effective treatments and a cure for ME/CFS, Long COVID, fibromyalgia, and other chronic complex diseases. As someone who has personally witnessed the devastating effects of these diseases, I believe that the work of the Open Medicine Foundation is truly essential.

That’s why I’m running a digital fundraiser to support this amazing organization, and I would be grateful for your support. Donating is easy, and every little bit helps. Just click on the link below to visit my fundraising page and make a donation:

[Insert link to fundraising page]

Every amount helps! If you’re unable to donate at this time but want to help, please consider sharing my fundraiser with your friends and family.

You can learn more about OMF’s work at

Thank you so much for your support!




Share these sample posts along with a link to our website or your own personal fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Download and share our sample photos below. And don’t forget to tag us!

Crowdfunding Campaign Announcement Sample Text

Family and Friends! I’m raising money for Open Medicine Foundation, a nonprofit close to my heart because they are the single largest foundation spearheading the research of multisystem chronic, complex diseases like Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. [Optional: Write one sentence about why OMF’s mission matters to you]. If you are able, please donate today and share this post to help me reach my [$XXXX] goal by [DATE]!

Crowdfunding Campaign Update Sample Text

Just [#] days left to support my fundraiser for Open Medicine Foundation! Any amount helps advance research into devastatingly underfunded chronic, complex diseases like ME / CFS. Thank you so much for your support! [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE].

Crowdfunding Campaign Last Chance to Donate Sample Text

Hi Friends and Family! I’m only [$XXX] away from reaching my fundraising goal for Open Medicine Foundation, a nonprofit leading research of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and relatedchronic, complex diseases. [Optional: Write 1 sentence about why this mission is important to you]. Please give in these last [#] hours if you can: [LINK]


Click on an image to download


Invite your friends directly

In addition to sharing your fundraiser to your social pages, try sending a direct invitation on Facebook to your friends and family to make a contribution to your fundraiser. Simply visit your Facebook fundraiser page and look for the invite feature.

Publish a personal video

Tell your friends and family in your own voice why OMF’s mission matters to you! Post it to your social feed and story, email it to your contacts or text it to your loved ones with a link to your fundraiser!

Make it personal

Get personal with your network: Why does OMF matter to you? Help your friends and family understand just how important the mission of OMF is, and what it means to you when they donate to your fundraiser!

Fundraise IRL

Want to kick your fundraising for OMF up a notch? Check out our ideas for ways you can raise money IRL and spread awareness for ME / CFS research beyond your digital network!

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS) Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), Fibromyalgia Leading Research. Delivering Hope.Open Medicine Foundation®

What are the advantages of giving from your Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?

  • Your gifts to your donor advised fund entitle you to an immediate income tax deduction at the time of contribution.
  • You avoid capital gains tax on appreciated assets you place in your donor advised fund.
  • Your fund’s investment gains accumulate tax free.
  • Funds are distributed to Open Medicine Foundation in your name and immediately put to use to support our worldwide research efforts.

How do I make a donation through my DAF?

Just click on the DAF widget below. It is simple and convenient to find your fund among the over 900 funds in our system.

Still can’t find your fund? 

  • Request a grant distribution through your Donor Advised Fund sponsor
  • Be sure to use OMF’s EIN #26-4712664
  • You can also designate OMF as a beneficiary for your Donor Advised Fund
  • Questions? Give us a call at 650-242-8669